Senior Zach | Senior Photographer Midland Texas

March 27, 2018 - This handsome young man is about to graduate from high school. He's all ready to move to New York and pursue his dreams...
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Life in 52 | March

March 14, 2018 - Our weather here is so on and off. One day it'll be 85 and sunny the next day 50 windy and cold. So when its nice out we...
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Life in 52 | Jan-Feb

March 06, 2018 - "Life in 52" Jan-Feb. Weeks 1-8 My goal for the New Year is to take time each week to focus on our family and really...
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Baby Ivie | Midland Texas Newborn Baby Infant Photographer

March 06, 2018 - You guys know I get so excited when mamas request purple in their photo shoot! I love love love purple... it's such a ri...
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